1.10.22 Are UFO Believers Divided?

by Dark Lord
Are UFO Believers Divided

Within the UFO community there are many divisions with one of them being over the new Pentagon office directed to study and investigate UFO events. Some in the UFO community were joyous while others were frustrated but most were likely somewhere in between. The staff at UAP.News liens in the direction of frustration as there was no public reporting required in the same people that had been shading us from the truth for decades were to be in charge yet once more. That being said a few good things are expected with scientific study and rapid response investigations however we do not believe this to be the glorious event that others do. Mainstream media news outlet NBCNews.com has posted an article authored by Alex Seitz-Wald which discusses the divide, how it came about and where we might be headed, and you can find it HERE.

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