1.12.22 Will DoD Attempt Another UFO Coverup?

by Dark Lord
Will DoD Attempt Another UFO Coverup

The United States Department of Defense has a difficult job. Protecting the men and women of the United States is a heavy lift with lots of moving parts. However, their behavior on the subject of UFOs has been reprehensible for decades. We understand that secrets are certainly important in their position but the fact is they have behaved terribly toward UFO witnesses, including those in the government and military. Now with the new UFO task force, as directed by the NDAA 2022, one would think that this organization should finally participate in UFO transparency however that is not likely to be the case. Author Jazz Shaw writing for HotAir.com takes a peek inside the provisions of the NDAA 2022 with regards to the UFO amendment, which was included, and you can find it HERE.

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