1.13.22 Were Skinwalkers Real?

by Dark Lord
Were Skinwalkers Real?

Many people recognize the name Skinwalker due to the television show “Secret of Skinwalker Ranch,” currently preparing to release season three. It is a place of high strangeness with frequent UFO encounters and history of cattle mutilations. But if you dig a little deeper you will find that there is a fascinating story behind Skinwalkers and the Skinwalker ranch. In the lives of some Native American tribes a Skinwalker was something of a witch/shaman with unusual capabilities including shape shifting. The Skinwalker ranch located in northeastern Utah happens to be the location where a Navajo curse was placed on the land. While Skinwalkers as a standalone subject are a little outside of our wheelhouse, they have been associated with extraterrestrial beings, UFOs, sky portals and so on. You can learn more about this fascinating part of  Native American history in this article written by Steve Palace for TheVintageNews.com, HERE.

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