1.15.22 Were ICBM Missile Systems Hacked by UFOs?

by Dark Lord
Were ICBM Missile Systems Hacked by UFOs

It has been reported for a long time that UFOs have a proclivity for visiting nuclear facilities and or nuclear powered vessels. Sometimes they just visit but other times but they decide to disable things for a while, creating anxiety for those responsible for there operational status. A superior intelligence with the capability of shutting down nuclear missiles within silos certainly would have the capability of launching them should they decide to do so. It was initially assumed that this was a United States problem but it was later uncovered that this is actually an international problem and that Russia has experienced similar events. On October 4, 1987 a nuclear base in Usovo, Ukraine had their weapons disabled for more than four hours and you can learn more in this excellent article written by author Nick Madrid for Medium.com, HERE.

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