1.17.22 Are UFO Encounters Violent in Brazil?

by Dark Lord
Are UFO Encounters Violent in Brazil

Within the world of ufology there are language barriers which often hinder investigations and the overall understanding of UFO events. Therefore, many non-English-speaking countries have been neglected by UFO investigators. One investigator, Bob Pratt, traveled to Brazil multiple times, hiring translators along the way to uncover terribly dangerous and vicious UFO encounters. His book titled Ufo Danger Zone: Terror & Death in Brazil” is absolutely fascinating and it is time that more attention be paid to victims of UFO encounters in Brazil. Thanks to Rony Vernet, a citizen of Brazil, we are able to better understand what is happening in that country with regards to UFOs due to his diligence in translating not only documents but video for consumption in the English language. You can find a short video of Rony below and an interesting story he is currently investigating.

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