1.18.22 Visiting Skinwalker Ranch

by Dark Lord
Visiting Skinwalker Ranch

Over the last few years people have really grown to love what is going on at the Skinwalker Ranch. Ranch owner Brandon Fugal has a team of scientists and researchers conducting a battery of scientific tests in an attempt to uncover the source behind the strange events regularly occurring on and above the property. Furthermore Mr. Fugal has been sharing the results of the science being conducted with the public through the television show “Secret of Skinwalker Ranch.” We frequently watch people attempting to contact Mr. Fugal through social media requesting to visit or work at the ranch however it’s not that easy. This is an ongoing science experiment not some sort of UFO resort, so what actually happens if you are allowed to visit? Most likely there is a reason you were invited and you may very well become a participant. You can learn more in this article written by Pete Kelsey for AdventuresInRediscovery.com, HERE.

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