1.19.21 Darpa Night Vision

by Dark Lord
Darpa Night Vision

We believe that there is much more UFO activity travelling through our air space than most people would want to believe. We have written blurbs about vehicles that may travel faster than we can see, but what about UFOs we cannot see for different reasons, and how will we see them in the future? You may remember that one of the most famous sightings was above the skies of Mexico. Drug enforcement team members spotted more than a dozen UFOs using a FLIR or Forward Looking Infrared camera. The objects were visible to the naked eye but completely visible using the FLIR camera. The point being that we typically only see things that reflect light which is why our vision is so poor in the dark. Now DARPA or the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency has some new tools to help us see better. It is likely these new devices will be primarily used by the military, but will they become available to the public for those trying to catch UFOs? Time will tell, but author Ryan Sprague has done a nice job explaining this technology for The Debrief and you can find his article HERE.

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