1.20.22 What UFO Revelations Might Occur in 2022?

by Dark Lord
What UFO Revelations Might Occur in 2022

In 2017 momentum really began building for UFO disclosure. It had been pursued literally for decades previously with little result. But since the 2017 New York Times article covering a 22 million-dollar government black budget program dedicated to investigating and understanding UFOs, the subject has achieved another speed entirely. In the last couple years it has felt like UFO bombshells were falling out of the sky, and it has been exciting. So at some point we begin to wonder what this new year of 2022 has in store. What new information will come forward that will blow our collective minds? We understand predicting the future is speculative at best and often incorrect however it sure is entertaining and you can learn more in the video between George Knapp and Lue Elizondo below.

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