1.24.22 Was Oumuamua Extraterrestrial?

by Dark Lord
Was Oumuamua Extraterrestrial

In 2017 a mysterious object was discovered by University of Hawaii astronomer Robert Weryk. The unexplained object was traveling at almost 200,000 miles per hour and was was believed to be a visitor from another solar system. This cigar shaped object was 10 times as long as it was wide which is unusual for space debris. There had been speculation that this was intentionally sent to us from extraterrestrial beings elsewhere, however there is no actual evidence of that. Now that the object is moving away from Earth at a remarkable speed scientists have proposed launching a mission to catch the object for further study, however that is highly unlikely to happen, but you can learn more about this event in this article written for Newsweek by Ed Browne, HERE.

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