1.25.22 UFOs of the 1920s

by Dark Lord
UFOs of the 1920s

Many people new to the study of UFOs and related events believe that the Foo Fighters of World War II were the beginning of UFO encounters with humans, they would be mistaken. Historically it appears as though UFO events possibly involving extraterrestrial beings have been going on for centuries. We know in the 1890s UFOs were reported in the skies with some regularity, and in Aurora Texas in 1897 it is believed UFO craft crashed into a windmill, but that’s a different story. So between the 1890s and the 1940s there is a gap in which UFOs were not being reported very often. Fortunately we found this article written by PR Zen for DigitalJournal.com which specifically discusses a new book written about UFOs of the 1920s and you can find it HERE.

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