1.29.22 Are ETs Already Among Us?

by Dark Lord
Are ETs Already Among Us

Over the years conspiracy theories involving UFOs and extraterrestrial beings have grown exponentially. Some, such as those found on the television show Ancient Aliens show evidence of construction which appears far beyond what mankind was capable of at that time. On the other side of that coin however is wild speculation, which as far as we know has no proof in fact, that aliens walk among us and are interbreeding with humans. We are not commenting on that, but rather on what we do have living on earth that is highly unusual, which is the Octopus. This creature is vastly different from any other earth animal, in part because it has blue blood and multiple hearts and brains and has proven to have an intellectual capacity beyond most other species on this planet. Author check Dan back writing for UnknownBoundaries.com has some fascinating information may very well want to see and you can find it HERE

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