1.31.21 Get to know Brandon Fugal

by Dark Lord
Get to know Brandon Fugal

In the northeast section of Utah known as the Uinta basin there lies one of the most unusual places on earth, the Skinwalker Ranch. It’s 512 acres is something of a paranormal Disneyland. Orbs and discs, cattle mutilations and inter-dimensional portals. Previously this land was a place to be feared but now it is being intensely studied by a team of top scientists and led by the property owner Brandon Fugal. Mr. Fugal was named our 2020 Researcher of the Year and his show “Secrets of the Skinwalker” is preparing to release its second season in April. His dedication to science and understanding of what’s happening on his property is a testament to his putting his money where his mouth is and funding the entire venture alone. If you’re asking yourself, who is this guy? You can find more information about this extremely interesting man HERE.

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