1.5.22 Are UFOs Buried Under Antarctic Ice?

by Dark Lord
Are UFOs Buried Under Antarctic Ice

It has long been speculated that crashed UFO craft exist under the Antarctic ice. To go even a step further it has also been theorized that UFOs or extraterrestrial beings have a base of operations under the ice. While we have received many images and videos of people making such claims we have been unable to acknowledge any of them as authentic. That being said, our job is to find UFO related information and pass it along so that you can decide for yourself. one point of note; this article specifically speaks about the Artic however our reporting is that these events actually occurred in Antarctica. This article comes to us by way of Italy and makes assertions about China and Russia without providing evidence, and author also did not attach his name to the piece therefore we encourage you to proceed with caution and you can decide for yourself HERE

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