1.6.22 60 Minutes and UFOs

by Dark Lord
Minutes and UFOs

There was a time, not so many years back, when the television show 60 Minutes was the king of investigative journalism. CEOs on the wrong side of the justice trembled when the 60 Minutes team showed up in their lobby. They literally struck fear into the hearts of men. The team of journalists in those days were daring and unafraid to follow the story to the conclusion. The 60 Minutes television show we see today is much more reserved and much less engaging. Last year, when 60 Minutes reported on the subject of UFOs, the 14 minute segment was exciting to those involved in ufology, however there was no real follow-up. They reported a fraction of what’s actually happening and then apparently left the subject alone. We expect more from 60 Minutes and you should too. Author David Bates writing for Medium.com discusses the lack of follow-up in a nicely written piece which you can find HERE.

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