1.9.21 Navy Destroyers Fired on UFOs in 2019

by Dark Lord
Navy Destroyers Fired on UFOs in 2019

So for those of us who actually believe that extraterrestrial craft or visiting Earth we take issue with the United States military blaming just about every unknown aerial event on “drones.” They consistently claim unidentified craft as possibly “Russian” or “Chinese” “drones” and leave it at that. The fact is that what they claim are “drones” display aerial capabilities which likely do not exist with man-made craft of any sort. To begin with, drones do not have the capability, as we understand it, to be trans medium craft. Meaning that they do not have the ability to travel into, through, and out of our oceans and skies (Transmedium). Furthermore, the supposed “drones” in the article we are about to share, stayed aloft for more than 90 minutes and could travel a distance of at least 100 miles. Interestingly, although the Navy fired on these unknown craft five times they were unable to shoot one down, even with all of their super high-tech weaponry. They also attempted to use Ghostbusters teams to disable any radio communication between the “drones” and their base, yet were unable to capture a single drone. So with all the high-tech weaponry that the United States Navy has it is disposal, they were still unable to capture a single “drone” out of a rather large swarm in the middle of the ocean, yet they insist on calling them ‘drones’ when they are truly UFOs. This article written by Alyssa Guzman for DailyMail.co.uk is absolutely recommended reading and you can check it out, including documentation, HERE.

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