1.9.21 When is a Drone Actually a UFO?

by Dark Lord
When is a Drone Actually a UFO

As we have stated before the United States military loves to cry drone every time an Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) event occurs. It’s an easy explanation which takes them away from having to explain that they really have no idea what it is. The oddity is that if these so-called “drones” are actually man-made, then another nation has taken a significant leap in technology. And if it is an adversary we may be in deep trouble. However, if it is a UFO in the truest sense of being in extraterrestrial craft we may actually have less to worry about as their intentions do not appear to be hostile in nature, but rather investigative. It is widely known that for several weeks in 2019, US N vessels, including warships, just west of San Diego California, were stalked by what the Navy currently calls “drones.” None of these “drones” were captured or even identified. With all of our naval might we couldn’t take down even one simple “drone.” That tells us that these were simply not drones, on top of that, they were recorded flying into and out of the ocean. A capability drones simply do not possess. Author Marik Von Rennenkampff writing for TheHill.com discusses the implications of drone versus UFO and you can find this nicely written piece of journalism, HERE.

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