10.11.21 Neil deGrasse Tyson Still a Jackass

by Dark Lord
Neil deGrasse Tyson Still a Jackass

Many people who witness astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson on television may drink the Kool-Aid he’s peddling however we are not. To us, and we have made this clear multiple times, he’s a bombastic boob with jackass tendencies. He claims knowledge he does not posses and generally suffers from a diabolical case of deutschbaggery. Deutschbaggery: the act of being a deutschbag.  We see this affliction with those suffering from severe narcissism. In other words, we find him immensely distasteful. That being said, we are not the only ones calling him out for his behavior and the author of the article we are about to share with you, Bryce Zabel, has more to say on the subject writing for Medium.com and we gladly share with you HERE.

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