10.11.21 Skinwalker Ranch Increases Surveillance

by Dark Lord
Skinwalker Ranch Increases Surveillance

The Skinwalker Ranch in northeastern Utah may exhibit more UFO activity on a regular basis than anywhere else on earth. Not only are UFOs witnessed and recorded, but paranormal events happen as well, making this sacred ground a land of high strangeness. If you have not watched the television series Secret of Skinwalker Ranch we suggest you try and catch up on the unusual goings-on. Ranch owner, Brandon Fugal, who is a friend of UAP.News has invested a great deal of money not only on the scientific staff which inhabit the ranch during research times, but also on the equipment required to verify what they are witnessing. Occasionally, the video surveillance had fallen a little short in the past and for that reason Mr. Fugal has invested more money in video surveillance cameras to rectify that issue. You can learn more about this new investment from author Duncan Phenix writing for MysteryWire.com, HERE.

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