10.11.21 UFO Visits Hospital

by Dark Lord
UFO Visits Hospital

New Year’s Eve has historically been a time of celebration around the world. We anticipate the new year with joyful glee and alcohol fueled exuberance. For those who don’t consume alcohol maybe a little less exuberance. Doreen Kendall and Freida Wilson were nurses at Cowichan District Hospital in Cowichan Station, British Columbia Canada on New Year’s Day of 1970. That time of the morning the hospital was typically quiet until the most unusual thing happened. UFO with two visible occupants appeared at the hospital hovering directly outside of the second floor windows and in plain view of those working the graveyard shift. The craft arrived at approximately 5 AM and was exceedingly bright causing the nurses to open the draperies covering the window to investigate the unusual light and you can learn more in this article written by Chet Dembeck for UnknownBoundaries.com, HERE.

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