10.12.21 Westall UFO Government Coverup

by Dark Lord
Westall UFO Government Coverup

On Wednesday, April 6, 1966 students from the Westall High School in Australia were at recess on the school grounds when three gray UFOs descended from the skies. The craft was reported to be twice the size of a family car, Lou above the school and landed a short distance away behind a stand of trees. Short time later the object reappeared climbing back into the skies before disappearing in the distance. As with other UFO events which have taken place at schools, the teachers and staff of the facility were reluctant to believe the wild tales the students told when reentering their classrooms. The video below discusses a Westall teacher who was intimidated into keeping quiet about the incident by his nation’s government. This has remained one of the most fascinating UFO stories and probably the best known in Australia.


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