10.15.21 Skinwalkers at the Pentagon

by Dark Lord
Skinwalkers at the Pentagon

Before there was AATIP or Advanced Aerospace Thread Identification Program, there was AAWSAP or the  Advanced Aerospace Weapons Systems Application Program. Although many people believe that those two programs were one and the same, they actually were not. They had different participants with different directives and operated independently of each other. Fortunately for all of us, legendary reporter George Knapp worked with Dr. James Lucatski and Dr. Colm Kelleher removed the shroud of secrecy from these programs and unveiled a surprising amount of new information in their new book, Skinwalkers at the Pentagon, which took 18 months just to pass DoD scrutiny before its release. Our copy of the book arrives today, however thanks to George Knapp and MysteryWire.com we have some great information to share with you and you can find it HERE.

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