10.18.21 UFOs and Missing Nukes

by Dark Lord
UFOs and Missing Nukes

It has become a well-known fact over the years that UFOs have a certain proclivity for visiting nuclear facilities, including launch sites, naval vessels and so on. Therefore, we don’t find it a huge stretch to consider that maybe, just maybe, UFOs have relieved military planes, carrying nuclear weapons, of their cargo. It has been speculated that our civilization is on the brink of destruction because of these weapons and people who have experienced encounters with extraterrestrials have often reported being told by our visitors that we are on a course of self-destruction. So what we have for you is a Twitter thread involving missing nuclear weapons. This is certainly a case where you should check this out and decide for yourself. At no time does the author of this thread claim UFOs were responsible for these missing nukes so please keep that in mind when you read the thread you can find HERE.

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