10.2.20 Skinwalker Ranch

by Dark Lord

The Skinwalker Ranch is a subject we discuss with regularity. It’s a fascinating place with a dangerous history and if you are unfamiliar with the ranch you should definitely read the book “Hunt for the Skinwalker” written by Colm Kelleher and George Knapp. For many years the ranch was owned by Robert Bigelow and was studied by the team of NIDS investigators on his dime. Unfortunately the scientists yielded little evidence as the subject could be considered slippery at best. Fortunately Mr. Brandon Fugal bought the ranch and has invested a substantial amount of money in researching it. For a couple of years now the television show has been running about the ranch and its activities. This location in the Uinta basin of Utah was said to be cursed by the Navajo in retaliation for slavery incident and has a storied history of sightings and far more. The story and history is truly fascinating and we thank Mr. Fugal for not only paying the bill for this expedition, but keeping the public informed as best he can. We have a short video of work at the Skinwalker and again encourage you to further investigate the Skinwalker Ranch.

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