10.2.21 Is Skunk Works Building a UFO?

by Dark Lord
Is Skunk Works Building a UFO

The Skunk Works group is a subsidiary of Lockheed Martin, and that group specifically is known for developing ultra high-tech weaponry and probably a thousand other things we have yet to hear of. They work in the area of super-secret and are at least partially funded by black budget projects. You may remember that we have covered their former director Ben Rich in previous posts, and what little information escapes from their facility is usually astounding in nature. Today is no different as it appears that Skunk Works has developed what physically appears to be a UFO, and could easily be confused as a traditional UFO sighting if witnessed by the public. This is a very interesting story written by Thomas Newdick writing for The Drive and you can check the video of the object below and the article HERE.

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