10.20.21 Skinwalker Ranch Web Portal

by Dark Lord
Skinwalker Ranch Web Portal

The Skinwalker Ranch in northeastern Utah has been a scientific hotspot for UFO and paranormal studies for decades. Originally the property was studied by the NIDS team or National Institute of Discovery Science which was funded by aerospace billionaire Robert Bigelow. Under the veil of secrecy the United States government became involved with the property while scientists from the AAWSAP program worked in unison with another Bigelow group, BASS long before current owner Brandon Fugal purchased the ranch from Bigelow and became the new scientific steward of the property. Since Mr. Fugal has taken over the science he has brought it into public view and the results have been startling. Fortunately the Skinwalker Ranch has its own web portal and we encourage you to see what’s going on, HERE.

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