10.21.21 UFO Content Writers Opportunity

by Dark Lord
UFO Content Writers Opportunity

We receive emails from time to time from visitors of our website asking if they may provide content. On a few occasions we have accepted their invitation and created posts for their work. In those few instances it appears that they simply had a certain subject they wished to get off their chest and never returned with the second article. Therefore, if you are someone who would like an opportunity to write about a single UFO related subject/multiple subjects and share your thoughts with the world, then we would like to hear from you. We cannot guarantee your inclusion in our website or social media platforms, however, we can guarantee that we will read your material and if we find it relative to the subject and what we are trying to accomplish we will share it with our website and social media platforms. To be clear, we do not pay for articles, this is simply an opportunity for you to express your opinions or beliefs on our platforms. So if you are interested you can contact us at: submit@uap.news

We look forward to hearing from you.

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