10.22.21 Rapid Pulse Laser

by Dark Lord
Rapid Pulse Laser

There is an old saying you may be familiar with about ‘Poking the bear” which is basically a warning not to do a particular thing or you may incur the wrath of whatever it is you are disturbing. It’s kind of like instigating a fight you know you cannot win. However in humanity’s rush to attack, destroy and kill almost everything, we have stumbled upon some weapons which never should have been unleashed in the first place. Recently an article made its way in front of us which discusses the Rapid Pulse Laser Weapon which is capable of firing ultra short pulse lasers, firing at a trillion watts for one quadrillions of a second. It’s obvious to us that some numbskull is going to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and attempt to shoot down a UFO and the consequences could far exceed disastrous. There used to be another saying that you never shoot anything until you know what you are shooting at, however militaries around the world have proven to have jumpy trigger fingers and prefer to ask questions after they’ve shot something rather than before. With that in mind, we are sharing this article written by Joe Shepherd writing for BreakingDefense.com which discusses this new technology and you can find it HERE.

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