10.23.21 UFO Cover-up Participant

by Dark Lord
UFO Cover-up Participant

Since 1947 the United States government has been involved in a cover-up of epic proportions. When the Roswell Crash was discovered the United States Army immediately acknowledged to the media that they had a crashed UFO craft the next day the big lie began. Since that time our government has taken it upon themselves to lie repeatedly to its citizens and cover-up everything of UFO nature. What we sometimes forget is that all of those cover-ups had witnesses on the inside. Citizens, working for the government or military, sat down when they should have stood up and participated in this ugly piece of American history. They were in a bind between fear of the government and doing what was morally right. Most chose the government for fear of incarceration however a few including former Lieut. Robert Jacobs have been telling their story for decades and you can learn more about their experience HERE.

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