10.24.21 UFO Reality Never Seems to Arrive

by Dark Lord
UFO Reality Never Seems to Arrive

Those of us who live and breathe the study of UFOs waiting for any type of worldwide acknowledgment has been achingly slow, frustratingly slow, brutally slow. The promise of a new UFO enlightenment is always on the horizon and sadly that seems to be where it stays, on the horizon. We wait day in and day out for the tiniest morsel of UFO news and at some point you simply want to blow your top. You feel like “Dammit, enough is enough already, just give us the truth” and after a while that frustration disappears and you go back to waiting for the tiniest morsel of UFO information. It is nothing more than continually chasing your tail. One of our favorite authors Bryce Zabel has apparently been feeling the same way and you can learn more in his profanity laced article which is not for those that are overly sensitive to a little swearing, HERE.

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