10.28.21 Is the US Government Planning to Shoot Down a UFO?

by Dark Lord
Is the US Government Planning to Shoot Down a UFO

Humans are incredibly aggressive species. We are oftentimes violent beyond belief and blow things up on a truly epic scale. We have an inherent willingness to destroy or kill everything around us including animals, each other and even our own planet. The first instinct of some is to attack that which is not understood. Therefore, it is not unreasonable to believe that the United States military has, or at some point will, attempt to shoot down a UFO. It is an insane idea to pick a fight with something we know nothing about, which obviously has far superior intelligence and technology.  The results for humankind could be devastating and all it takes is one dumb ass with an itchy trigger finger. Nick Madrid is rapidly becoming one of our favorite ‘go to’ authors and this time he is addressing the possibility of military entities attempting to take down UFOs and you can find his article written for Medium.com, HERE.

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