10.29.21 Australia Not Investigating UFOs

by Dark Lord
Australia Not Investigating UFOs

When it comes to worldwide UFO activity, most of the attention is paid to North, Central and South America. Countries such as the United States, Mexico and Brazil appear to have the most frequent UFO sightings. There are a number of factors which lead us to believe this is true however that does not mean that other countries, such as Australia do not have their own UFO experiences, they certainly do. Immediately the UFO that appeared at the Westall School comes to mind. However, it is somewhat startling to learn that the Royal Australian Air Force has insisted that their pilots have not reported seeing any unexplained objects in the sky. To us that means one of three things, first, that they really aren’t seeing anything unusual in the sky, or second, they are seeing things they are unwilling to report, or third,  that they are seeing things and reporting them but it is being covered up. Author Andrew Greene writing for ABC.net.au reports on why they are unwilling to investigate UFOs and you can find more information HERE.

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