10.29.21 Fewer UFO Sightings?

by Dark Lord
Fewer UFO Sightings

Over the last few years, since 2017, UFO sightings seem to have stayed at an exceptionally high level. We believe most of that traffic has to do with mainstream media finally being willing to acknowledge that not only do UFOs exist, but that the United States government has been secretly studying them for decades. Unfortunately most of what is seen and thought to be a UFO actually has a somewhat mundane explanation, such as a flock of birds or satellites. Now, a new technology is emerging which could clean up low Earth orbit from all the space junk we as humans have discarded there. This new technology is built around a ‘Plasma Thruster’ which may have the ability to cannibalize nonfunctional satellites. This could very well reduce the volume of UFO sightings and you can learn more in this article written by Christopher Plain writing for TheDebrief.com, HERE.

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