10.3.21 Extraterrestrial Visitations

by Dark Lord
Extraterrestrial Visitations

The term ‘Illegal Aliens’ has a certain ugly connotation to it. Here in America, when people from foreign lands sneak into our country they are considered ‘Illegal Aliens’. Their actions may indeed be illegal according to the laws of our country, but these people are really not alien, but rather ‘Foriegn’. So you could consider them ‘Illegal Foreigners’. This opens the door for aliens to strictly be extraterrestrial beings which visit this planet. The reason we bring up this awkward subject is that our next article is titled “Illegal Aliens” and has nothing to do with the subject of ‘Illegal Foreigners’ and you can check out this article written by Mark Visse writing for WMICentral.com, HERE.

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