10.31.21 Fedex Pilots Video UFO over Mexico

by Dark Lord
Fedex Pilots Video UFO over Mexico

With the advent of a ‘UAP Reporting System’ in development we will undoubtedly see an increase in UFO reporting from civilian, commercial and military pilots. We have certainly noticed a surge in UFO reporting during the COVID 19 pandemic and although we attributed it to more people at home with more time on their hands maybe there is something more to it. Maybe something unknown currently to humans is driving what appears to be increased visitations by these unknown craft. It is possible that we will see previously unreported UFO events brought under the investigatory microscope as past reports surface. Here is an example; on March 19th, 2020 two Fedex pilots witnessed a pulsating light over the skies of Monterrey Mexico and you can learn more and watch the video they recorded  HERE.

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