10.31.21 The Myth of Hangar 18

by Dark Lord
The Myth of Hangar 18

The name “Hangar 18” has reached mythical proportions over the last few years. As conspiracy theories become even more extravagant, so do the stories that trail “Hangar 18”. In case you were unaware of the significance of this building, legend has it that “Hangar 18” was the initial housing unit for extraterrestrial bodies and debris recovered in 1947 from the Roswell, New Mexico, UFO crash. We have reason to believe that this may be a mistake. It’s not that ETs were not taken to what is now Wright Patterson AFB, but that there was actually not a “Hangar 18” but rather a “Building 18” which may or may not have housed the ET beings. So although the following article refers to “Hangar 18” we believe that the  subject of the article actually refers to “Building 18”. That being said, we encourage you to take a little history reminder of why that area is significant in this article written for TodayUKNews.com, HERE.

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