10.5.21 UFOs at Kirtland AFB

by Dark Lord
UFOs at Kirtland AFB

UFOs have been visiting United States military installations and nuclear facilities since World War II. There are a multitude of reports of these unidentified craft hovering over or near sensitive military installations within the United States. The documents we are about to share with you are supposedly reports generated from Richard Doty who is an acknowledged military disinformation specialist. His job was to lie and confuse the UFO subject and its witnesses at every turn. He was good at his job and therefore carries a considerable amount of disdain from the UFO community as a whole. In an effort to rehabilitate his image, now that he may no longer be with the military, he has come forward and acknowledged some of his past indiscretions which occurred in the performance of his duties, or so he says. The problem with anything Richard Doty related, is that he is a self admitted liar on a grand scale and in his own way has done massive damage to pushing forward UFO disclosure. Recently we came across four pages which were supposedly written by Mr. Doty and were released due to a FOIA request. We are unsure as to the provenance of these documents however our job is to share what we find in your job is to decide for yourself. You can find them below.

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