10.6.21 Lue Elizondo Presentation Slides

by Dark Lord
Lue Elizondo Presentation Slides

Lue Elizondo has been a busy man ever since he came into the public eye after leaving the AATIP or Advance Aerospace Threat Identification Program. For a brief period he was a part of the leadership at TTSA or To The Stars Academy which did some really good things in their very short lifespan. Upon leaving that organization Lue has been in high demand to speak on the subject of UFOs around the world. He comes from a military Intelligence background with insights which we can only hope to understand. He is careful with his words in his attempt to push further disclosure however he still operates under security clearance guidelines and therefore must be quite careful. We recently came upon a few of the slides used in his presentation to the International UFO Congress and you may find them quite interesting below.

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