10.7.21 Alabama Woman Reports GIANT UFO

by Dark Lord
Alabama Woman Reports GIANT UFO

If you spent any time on our website you have likely noticed that the UFO craft we display in our videos come in all shapes and sizes. Everything from orbs, which appear to be no more than a few inches in diameter and move in erratic patterns, to Sky Squid perched over Colorado Springs, Colorado, to the standard saucer-shaped UFOs which came to fame thanks to Kenneth Arnold in 1947 and even the colossal ship involved in the Phoenix Lights incident. So when we find an article discussing an Alabama woman claiming to have witnessed a GIANT UFO, we don’t really even blink. On February 3, 1983 near Mobile Alabama a 28 year old woman who we shall refer to as Pat witnessed a mind numbing event and you can learn more about it from author Chet Dembeck writing for UnknownBoundaries.com, HERE.

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