10.7.21 UFO Sightings Jump in Columbia

by Dark Lord
UFO Sightings Jump in Columbia

With the reporting we receive it appears to us that the highest UFO sightings rate occurs in the Western Hemisphere and is almost evenly divided between North America, Central America and South America. If you have studied the field of Ufology for any length of time you will find that certain hotspots, such as Brazil, Mexico and the Western United States seem to have more recorded events than other areas. A country which has recently seen a dramatic increase in UFO sightings is Columbia. We have shared more than a couple UFO sightings from Columbia with many being near the Medellin area. Fortunately we are not alone in this opinion about sightings in Columbia as Hernan Charry, the director of the Zaquencipa Astronomical Observatory is also seeing an increase in UFO activity in the country and you can learn more about it HERE.

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