10.9.21 Did Submarine Collide with USO?

by Dark Lord
Did Submarine Collide with USO

We have mentioned before the term USO refers to Unidentified Submersible Object and can be thought of as the UFO of the seas. We are unsure how long this term will stay relative as we are seeing more witness reports and documentation supporting that UFOs may actually be trans medium vehicles, meaning they have the ability to traverse the environments of space, Earth’s atmosphere and its oceans. Recently a United States Naval submarine reportedly collided with an unknown vehicle in the oceans near the South China seas. This is a rather sensitive area between our two nations right now so we may never know what actually happened. We are certainly not stating that this submarine hit a USO, however as far as we know the object which it did collide with is still unknown at this time and you can learn more HERE.

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