11.12.21 Cruise Ship Encounters Sky Squid UFO

by Dark Lord
Cruise Ship Encounters Sky Squid UFO

If you have traversed our website you have likely seen a navigation link titled “Collections” and underneath that tabby would find a link titled “Sky Squid.” That link contains a collection of UFO videos that have been seen in various parts of the world. Unfortunately someone developed a kite which looks similar, so every skeptic and debunker automatically claims that these UFOs are kites. They absolutely are not. We have reports of them out over the ocean with no land or other boats insight. Additional reports of them appearing above mountaintops in heavily forested areas where people do not fly kites. The point being that this type of UFO craft is being largely ignored when it deserves far more attention than is being given. The video we are about to share with you is from a cruise ship personnel located in the middle of the ocean with no other vessels around which has an encounter with a harrowing encounter with a “Sky Squid” and while she claims it looks like a jellyfish we believe it to be the same UFO craft we refer to as “Sky Squid” There are also two videos from her experience below.

Dammit man can stop talking around

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