11.12.21 UFOs Evade F-106 Fighters

by Dark Lord
UFOs Evade F-106 Fighters

The technology which mankind has developed over the last 100 years has increased at a staggering rate. We went from kerosene lanterns to men on the moon two sending robots to Mars. Many people speculate that we were helped along the way by UFO debris which increased our technology vastly. One area which our technology appears to still be lacking is that of craft with aviation capabilities able to match those of UFOs. We are still in our infancy of flight compared to our extraterrestrial neighbors who seem to be visiting our planet on a daily basis. Many of you are familiar with the Malmstrom Air Force Base incident which involved the shut down of nuclear weapons as a UFO hovered above the main gates. Behind the scenes pilots were scrambled to intercept the object which of course proved futile however you can learn more about this event and a very interesting document that accompanies it in an article written by John Greenewald for TheBlackVault.com, HERE.

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