11.14.21 UFO Indifference

by Dark Lord
UFO Indifference

Throughout the history of earth there have been a few really large questions. A couple of them are “What happens after we die?” and another is “Are we alone in the Universe?”. While we have no idea what happens after death we feel pretty confident that we are not alone in this universe. When you think about billions of galaxies containing trillions of suns surrounded by even more planets, the math just adds up to life elsewhere. What is truly mind-boggling however is the indifference of the general public to recent statements by the United States government acknowledging that UFOs are real. While they have not acknowledged that they are definitely extraterrestrial in nature they have acknowledged their existence which is a huge step toward UFO disclosure. So I guess at some point the question must be asked, “Is this UFO ignorance intentional?” Do people actually ignore the subject because they are afraid of it? Author Josh Smith  writing for Medium.com tackles this very subject and you can check it out HERE

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