11.18.21 Counterspace Weapons

by Dark Lord
Counterspace Weapons

With the recent catastrophic failure by Russia to destroy one of its own dead satellites in earth orbit, we may be reminded that Russia is not the only country experimenting with that type of technology. Projects that were previously known as ASATs or Attack Satellites have been in possession of the United States for quite some time however their name has been changed to Counterspace Weapons. There are many concerns with this type of weapons and the damage they may do. The recent example of Russia attempting to use this technology turned one dead satellite into a field of debris with at least 1500 pieces. Another concern is if or how they may be used to attack a UFO. It must be said that attacking an extraterrestrial race with the Star Wars type weapon could have catastrophic consequences. To learn more about these Counterspace weapons you can read this article written by Theresa Hitchens for BreakingDefense.com, HERE.

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