11.18.21 Is Human Interference the Problem?

by Dark Lord
Is Human Interference the Problem

The question that has been plaguing humankind for at least the last 70 years with regard to Extraterrestrial visitation is, “Why haven’t they contacted us?” Could the issue be that we, as humans, are not advanced enough to be worthy of an intergalactic conversation? You don’t have to look far to realize that we may be distasteful to visitors from another planet. We seem to destroy what we come in contact with including our own planet and on top of that we have a proclivity towards blowing things up on an epic scale. So one question may be, is there a better way for us to initiate contact, and would AI or artificial intelligence achieve better results? Harvard Prof. Avi Loeb, the Founder of Project Galileo, which is dedicated to finding extraterrestrial life addresses this idea and you can learn more in this article written for Medium.com, HERE.

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