11.19.21 The Twining UFO Memo

by Dark Lord
The Twining Memo

To become a General in the United States military you must first spend years soldiering. Along the way as you prove yourself you may have the opportunity to increase your rank and therefore your pay. Very few men make it all the way to the rank of General. To attain that position not only have you shown an abundance of leadership but also earned the trust and respect of other leaders. So when United States Air Force General Nathan Farragut Twining announced in a memo regarding UFO activity as such, “The phenomenon is something real and not visionary or fictitious.” That was a bold statement from a leader of men speaking in blunt terms to get his point through a barricade of nonbeliever nonsense. That simple sentence within that memo still circles the UFO community almost daily and you can learn more in this article written by Bryce Zabel for Medium.com, HERE.

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