11.2.21 Are Humans Really Ready for Extraterrestrial Disclosure

by Dark Lord
Are Humans Really Ready for Extraterrestrial Disclosure

Human beings have a tragic history of burying their head in the sand when there is something they are unwilling to acknowledge. At first they ignore, then they deny, and oftentimes they eventually ridicule long before they are actually willing to accept change. We have many religions around the world which preach that we are alone in the universe. Some attempt to tell us that man and woman suddenly appeared, began procreating and now we have billions of people. They completely deny evolution and keep a viselike grip on the members of their community. Many of them claim that their God is the only God and that all other religions are mistaken. They even have a history of killing those who do not share their beliefs with holy wars or crusades. It’s time we evolved as a species and start believing more in science and maybe a little less in the religious figures that propagate this ignorance. We are not saying that all religions act in this manner as they certainly do not however enough of them do and you likely know which ones they are. Below is a short video which hopefully nudges people towards the insistence of public hearings on UFO events and out of the shadows of religious control. The video is less than 3 ½ minutes and well worth watching.


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