11.21.21 When is a Drone NOT a Drone

by Dark Lord
When is a Drone NOT a Drone

In February of this year we reported on an incident over the skies of Tucson Arizona, which at that time was described as a “drone.” This craft however far exceeded capabilities of drone aircraft commonly seen today. The capabilities of that drone were described as “incredible” and “pretty freakin’ sophisticated.” So the question becomes, were they really chasing a drone? For those who are skeptical of UFOs the word “Drone” is thrown about for every unexplained event. Even the US government continually claims “they” may be “Chinese or Russian drones” every time we hear of an unexplained encounter. Our opinion is if they don’t know what it was they should simply stay “we don’t know what it was” and try and sort it out from there. Instead they put a label on it to try and distract us from the fact that they just do not know. One other point, is if it is simply a drone, why have images of the craft not been shared with the public? Getting back to the Tucson drone of February this year, apparently five years earlier a similar craft was witnessed in the area and you can learn more in this article written by Brett Tingley and Marc Cecotti writing for TheDrive.com, HERE.

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