11.22.21 ETs Under Our Noses

by Dark Lord
ETs Under Our Noses

There has been increased speculation that beings responsible for UFOs are already all around us, we simply may not have the ability to see them. Those claims should not be discarded as a great many people have claimed to have had interaction with extraterrestrial beings. Just because we cannot see something does not mean it is not real. The wind is a prime example, we cannot see it however we can feel its effects. So when space entrepreneur, and billionaire Robert Bigelow claims that extraterrestrials are “right under people’s noses” it should be taken seriously. This man spent as much time and money investigating UFOs and related events as anybody on the planet. You can see what Mr. Bigelow had to say to the 60 Minutes news program and read the related article written by George Knapp for MysteryWire.com, HERE.

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