11.25.20 Section 337

by Dark Lord

As with most of you we have high hopes for disclosure at some point in the near future. However, we understand the history and relationship between United States government UFO information and their lack of transparency with the public. In the 2021 Intelligence Authorization Act section 337 is as follows:

Section 337. Plan for establishing an element of the intelligence 

        community within the United States Space Force

    Section 337 requires the DNI and the Under Secretary of 

Defense for Intelligence and Security, in coordination with the 

Secretary of the Air Force and the Chief of Space Operations, 

to submit a plan for establishing an element of the IC within 

the United States Space Force.

So again we have a United States government creating a new intelligence community within the newly created Space Force. So it may very well be the same old game with government transparency, which is that there is no transparency. You can check out the full 2021 intelligence authorization act HERE.

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